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Shipcontroller is a high-tech remote control system that allows you to maneuver your boat from the most convenient position, to carry out, with safety and precision, low-speed maneuvers, such as berths, anchors, approaches to a refueling dock, or to a buoy. . Shipcontroller allows you to move the length of the ship to maneuver from the most convenient position, always maintaining complete control of the ship.

Nauelec, as a national distributor  of this fantastic product, can offer you advice on choosing the best Shipcontroller model for your  boat, as well as its installation at any point of  the peninsula.

There are many virtues that you enjoy from this product, which you can  know in detail  through its website

We want to highlight of all of them, 3 that are key to differentiate this product from any other similar and to be unique in the market.

- The central display that includes the remote, which shows navigation data, chain count, wind information, or autopilot data that it receives through NMEA01083 or NMEA2000. 

-The double speed, since it allows boats that do not have a high speed of response of movement just by clutching, use these wireless systems without problem. In addition to giving, in certain  moments of high wind or currents, an extra force to any type of boat. The second speed is programmable, and can be configured during installation at the RPM desired by the customer.

-The last one, and  more importantly, it is the NET system, which allows the installation of up to 16 active antennas around the ship and provides total and redundant coverage to the system. This is of great importance in the case of systems for large lengths or boats with a metal hull. In the installation configuration, the system would always have 2 antennas "in sight", which would allow  function to the system even if one breaks.

You can also have a secondary command, to be able to pass control from one to another without the need for  shut down the system, or lose control.  For example, a  person who is maneuvering the boat on the high bridge with the shipcontroller, could pass control to another person in the stern instantly.

If you want  For more product information or to see an operating demo, do not hesitate to contact us.    

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